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Shared February 17, 2019

My Kingdom Hearts 3 review is the longest Caddicarus episode yet, and what more appropriate of a franchise deserves the length like Kingdom Hearts? Get some popcorn and get ready for a no-plot-spoiler Kingdom Hearts III review! ▼ MORE LINKS BELOW ▼

DON'T FORGET - the outtakes are on at the end of the video! :D
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Kingdom Hearts 3 is not a 13-year-long awaited sequel with over 10 years of development, which many people would have rightfully thought was the case after the Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer dropped along with the pretty good main theme of the game, Face My Fears. Kingdom Hearts 3, as I’ve discovered after a marathon of every other Kingdom Hearts game in my Caddy Review series, is merely another chapter to the story of Sora, Donald, Goofy, Mickey, Riku and the rest - that has had just as much time and effort put into it as every other console and portable release in the series (that’s had a new game release nearly every year). Once you get your head around the fact that Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts 2 and Kingdom Hearts 3 DON’T follow on from each other and that 358/2 Days, re:Coded, Chain of Memories, Dream Drop Distance and Birth By Sleep are absolutely essential playing/research material to the story, you realise that the main numbered subtitles refer mainly to the gameplay styles being similar. Because of that, I’ll make it clear right now that if you only went along and played 1 and 2, that the Kingdom Hearts 3 gameplay will most probably sell you on the game alone. For the story stuff, well, I’ll always recommend you check out a random Kingdom Hearts Explained video on YouTube! In this video will be a walkthrough of my opinions on every Disney world, won’t show off ANYTHING from the story or secret ending when it comes to cutscenes, and all the gameplay you see was recorded with an ElgatoHD60 from my Kingdom Hearts 3 Limited Edition PS4 Pro (yes, I’m very proud of it - it’s a beauty). I know this video is so long but this ain’t no let’s play or random playthrough - it’s a pure review from start to end! Don’t forget about the outtakes at the end, though. Keyblade wielding with ridiculous cardboard Sora shoes can result in pretty ridiculous situations. There's a lot of Kingdom Heart plot summaries and Kingdom Hearts explained videos, better brush up if you're new to the franchise!

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: I’ve spoken with a few people that really disliked this game. Are you one of them? Let it rip right here! I just spent nearly 50 mins gushing, so it’s only fair!

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