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Shared June 17, 2019

If you love 3D platformers as much as I do, then the place you need to look for more is in the indie scene. Today's video is a list of the ten best upcoming 3D platformers by independent developers, as well as some honorable mentions because I couldn't control myself.

Pixel Prospector's Full List

K.K. Atlus' Full List

Untitled | Splaffinator

Path to Greatness | Justin Patterson

Project Longtail | Hologram Monster

Zera: Other Worlds Demo | Cyreides

Billie Bust Up! | Blue Print Games

Rad Demo | Knick-Knack Games

Happy Hell | Occultimate Games

Raccoo Venture Demo | Diego Ras

Captain's Tail Demo | Biting Mascot

Clive 'N' Wrench Demo | Dinosaur Bytes

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