The Untold Truth Of Grant Imahara From MythBusters

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Shared October 8, 2019

Out of all the members of the MythBusters Build Team, Grant Imahara was arguably the most capable at building stuff. Plus, the man has loads of connections to major motion pictures and tons of experience crafting combat robots. Let's geek out and discover the truth about Grant Imahara from MythBusters.

In 2010, Grant Imahara promised to build a part of television history and then he followed through on that promise. It all began as such things often do on Twitter. According to Entertainment Weekly, Imahara had noticed that Craig Ferguson, the former host of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, had taken to calling his Twitter followers his, quote, "robot skeleton army."

One thing quickly led to another. As Imahara told the Star-Advertiser,

"At some point, they put two and two together and said, 'He should have a robot skeleton sidekick."

Imahara would prove to be just the man to build it but there was a catch: The talk show host had to drive Imahara's Twitter followers over the magic line of 100,000. Ferguson quickly rose to the challenge.

According to Popular Mechanics, Imahara found his part of the deal considerably more difficult to deliver. He tinkered with the robot while shooting MythBusters, which meant precious little time for sleep and a huge rush to get everything done in time. Popular Mechanics reports that Imahara soon found himself in something of a bind with only one week before the deadline,

"He still needed to write the software that would make Geoff move, and build Ferguson's control box."

Despite his struggles with the project, Imahara managed to deliver on his promise big time.

The end result was Geoff Peterson, a snarky, remote-controlled skeleton. The creation became so popular it even has its own Wikipedia entry and ironically, that entry is significantly longer than Imahara's.

Ferguson absolutely loved Geoff Peterson. And shortly after Ferguson left The Late Late Show in 2014, Imahara took to Twitter to give fans a much-needed update on everyone's favorite robot skeleton sidekick:

"For everyone who's asked me 'What happened to Geoff?' I can report that he is safely with Craig in his personal office!"

And no wonder. Keep watching the video to see the untold truth of Grant Imahara from MythBusters!

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