nct: tales of a disaster dorm

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Shared October 14, 2018

u haven't exeperienced dorm life until u have eaten sausages from the floor and were woken up by ur roommate running around the flat in search for his bottle that got stolen by a ghost - just nct things


now i've been wanting to upload this video for some time but then regular happened and all the stuff and yeeeeeeeeeeea so here it finally is :3 i honestly do not know how the dorms are actually divided and why the 127 dorm is a textbook functioning family and the others just live in this unorganised hellhole like.. did mc ari ever even move out??????? is ten the dreamies' new father?????????? oh god help somebody save these kids tbh

either way i rly hope u enjoyed this video, i sure enjoyed making it lol

twitter: @aaandsprite