Te Deum (Pedro Camacho) World Premiere Concert

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Pedro Camacho

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Shared January 9, 2020

Te Deum composed by Pedro Macedo Camacho
Performed during the Pontifical Mass and Te Deum celebrated by His Excellency D. Nuno Brás da Silva Martins, Bishop of Funchal, on December 31, 2019 in Funchal Cathedral.

Dedicated to my children João and Sara Camacho.

Video by VINCO

Conducted by Francisco Loreto

Orquestra Clássica da Madeira (Madeira Classical Orchestra)
Norberto Gomes - artistic director / concertino
Vanda Correia de Jesus - board director

Côro de Câmara da Madeira (Madeira Chamber Choir)
Zélia Gomes - maestro
José Júlio - board director

Audio recorded by Luís Nunes - Delta Som
Audio mixed and mastered by Pedro Macedo Camacho

Work commissioned by Dr.ª Teresa Freitas Brazão.
Special thanks to:
Dr. Eduardo Jesus, Cabinet Secretary for Tourism and Culture (Madeira)
Eng.ª Paula Cabaço, former Cabinet Secretary for Tourism and Culture (Madeira)
Dr.ª Maria Da Paz Rodrigues, Dr. Francisco António Clode Sousa
Andreas Rocha for the awesome painting.
Family and all colleagues in Madeira regional cultural department and so many others that are part of the Madeira Culture Scene that have supported me and believed in me through so many years. This work was written to everyone in my city, in my island, in my country and in the world.

Thank you so much to all friends in the choir that took so much time to rehearse this in such a short time, I know it was hard and I hope it was worth it! To the maestro Francisco Loreto, the orchestra and the choir for creating such a passionate interpretation of this work.

I bow to all of you in gratitude.

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