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Shared October 10, 2016

Seth Hanes is a musician, digital marketing consultant, speaker, and founder of, As a digital marketing consultant, Seth has worked with multi-million dollar organizations, book publishers, and musicians from ensembles like the Philadelphia Orchestra and the New York Philharmonic. His new book, “Break Into The Scene”, is a guide for musicians looking to start their careers and create their own opportunities in music.

We’re continuing with our special series on music podcasters and entrepreneurs. With all the recent news of orchestras going on strike or struggling to stay afloat, most classical musicians - particularly students - might find themselves asking some difficult existential questions. Not so with my guest, Seth Hanes, who instead sees all of this as a huge opportunity to learn more about how music organizations really work, how to solve their problems, and taking what he’s learned to help other musicians take control over their lives and careers.

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"Break Into The Scene" Webinar - Thursday, Oct. 13, 9 pm EST

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