If BENDY and the INK MACHINE was Realistic (ANIMATION)

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Shared September 23, 2017

Try out Quidd HERE: http://bit.ly/2wgJgu0
Funny Animation. 10+ Minutes Long.
Hilarious video where we walk through the story of Bendy and the Ink Machine Chapter One and poke fun at the fun tidbits throughout.

Forget Henry. Meet Dexter! Dexter (like henry) was an animator who goes to his old workplace to meet up with an old friend for some board games. But where is he? Uh ohhhh! This place is kind of scary right? Boris the wolf is not his normal self anymore. Try to take his mask off. Then ohh noo, more jump scares in typical horror game fashion. This is exactly what you expect in the world of Bendy and the Ink Machine Chapter One.



Produced by: Rick Jones
Written by: Dexter Manning
Animated by: Jared Dubois and Draco Day

Dexter Manning


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