What did I do wrong ? - Original Song

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Genre: Entertainment

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Abbey Glover

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Shared June 3, 2019

Everything’s just so grey lately
I was really hoping you’d save me
I had been waiting and waiting
And you never came

I’d got so used to dreaming
Now nightmares happen
Daytime and evening
I could only sleep when you were here and
Now you’re gone

And I don’t want you to see
Just how much I’m struggling
Life was just so easy
When you were here with me
Feel you touching my skin
As our hearts were over beating
Tell me why does everything
Have to end
Now you’re gone x3
Come back home to me
What did I do wrong ? x3
Tell me please

Rain doesn’t seem to stop lately
It was only sunny when you were with me
I feel I’ll get hit by lightening
If I go outside
Rainbows would appear
When you would kiss me
Now I’m nothing but lonely
I miss the kind of love that you would show me
Was it all my fault ?


And all I can do is sit and wait
And hope you’ll want me again some day
I couldn’t love another
I wouldn’t want to anyway x2