How to Crack Open a Coconut by Master Chef Robert Del Grande

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Shared November 27, 2019

Master Chef Robert Del Grande teaches us how to open a coconut easily at home with an item that everyone has in their kitchen. This DIY method show you how to open coconut without tools.

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Learn how to remove the tasty coconut juice or coconut milk.

Learn also how to open coconut and move the fresh coconut meat from the coconut shells with these life hacks from the OPT FOOD network of cooking videos.

Use it to make a serving bowl or research coconut shell craft ideas.

Many people are searching for how to crack a coconut or how to cut a coconut. Cracking coconuts or coconut cutting, regardless of your coconut cutting skills is not the easiest way. If you are looking for how to open a young coconut, which is popular for raw vegan food, vegetarian recipes, keto diet, paleo diet, paleo recipes, plant based diet and vegan recipes, that requires a different method which we will show in another video. Young coconuts have what is referred to as coconut water.

If you are getting the fresh fruits from palm trees or a coconut tree you will need to learn how to how to husk a coconut.

James Beard Award Winning Master Chef Robert Del Grande is known and respected throughout the World. He appeared with Julia Child on her cooking shows in the 1980's.

Please visit Chef Robert at his acclaimed The Annie Cafe & Bar in Houston.


1800 Post Oak Blvd. Suite 6170 Houston, TX 77056