Falling Out Of Love - Original Song

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Genre: Music

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Abbey Glover

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Shared August 21, 2019

Lyrics + chords : Em
I’m falling out of love B
And I’m trying to get back up Am
But it feels like I’m being weighed down D
In the water I feel like I’m going to drown Em
Our love was once so full B
Now it’s getting close to nothing at all Am
And it makes me so sad D
That we’re losing all that we once had C
And I can’t explain it Em
You don’t feel the same way D
I can hear your heart breaking C
The more I drift further away C
All the butterflies in my stomach have died Em
I don’t feel anything when I look you in the

And I don’t know why

Oh you didn’t do anything wrong
We’re just not playing the same song
And it’s so hard to dance to the music
When both of our songs are playing
At the same time and
I’m floating in my thoughts
Thinking about what I should do
I don’t love you anymore
But it’s so hard leaving you


Go on make this easier on me
Pull my heart out and smash it Em
So you’re not the only one here D
One here hurting x2