[Concept] Guns & Grenades in Vanilla MC: Ray-Casting & Bullet Physics [MC 1.9]

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Shared October 18, 2015

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Expand for download ;). Thanks for all for the support and special thanks to bczroman, Maul Redstone, Mantisropa, Shane Stone and Fregaropa for extensive testing.



DOWNLOAD Weapon mechanics only (with texturepack):
DOWNLOAD "HordeS" minigame map (with texturepack) can be found here:

Also check out Shane Stone's epic map with his own, independently designed, weapon mechanics that work similary to mine, yet work even smoother with scopes and such!

Background info:

All build by hand with over 1400 commandblocks. In reality this was made in MC 1.8 but I never released it due to the absurbt amount of lag the machine generated. MC 1.9/snapshots brings new commandblocks which can be arranged such that the computations involved are much more streamlined. Furthermore the particle effects are much more lightweight on MC 1.9 which make the gameplay much more intense.


The machine features as of now;

- 10 weapons: magnum, assault rifle, shotgun, sniper, flamethrower, rocketlauncher, spartan laser, fuel rod gun (Halo), fragrenades & plasma grenades (Halo).
- High accuracy weapons (0.001 degree accuracy polar/azimuth angle)
- Bullets detect entity/block collisions
- Configurable speed/damage/range of bullets
- Projectiles with ballistic trajectories (grenades/fuel rod gun).
- Multiplayer compatible + player kills can be kept in a scoreboard to make an FPS
- Projectile Physics; grenades can bounce around rooms experiencing friction with the floor and walls.
- Headshot detection


Music used:

Music 1: Electroswing Revival
Music 2: Lupo
Music 3: Pixel Journey
By: Gee

And default Minecraft music