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Shared March 9, 2019

New drum kit. New edits. New drumming covers. Get ready for a fresh take on my usual kind of drumming video with a remake of one of my earlier covers, Tetris Theme A! Partly in celebration of Tetris 99 being a tonne of fun, and also because that Tetris theme is iconic. ▼ MORE LINKS BELOW ▼

Footage of Tetris Gameboy being played by WorldOfLongplays! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVi6...
Special thanks to https://twitter.com/JetpackBraggin for the incredible thumbnail art!
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Got a brand new drum kit ready for brand new drum covers. In case anyone was wondering, it’s a Roland TD50KV - and today I wanna celebrate this by going back to one of my earliest covers and giving it a shiny coat of paint, along with a new editing style and thumbnails! Feeling much better and more confident with this much more expressive kit, and even though it was a huge investment helped along massively by Patreon supporters, I REALLY hope you think it makes the drum cover that much more high quality, because it certainly feels much more high quality for me and allows me to do things on a drum kit that were impossible on my old Roland TD40KX, which I’m pretty sure Roland don’t even make anymore. This Tetris Theme Cover was recorded directly from the unit itself while the Gameboy music was ringing in my ears, and I wasn’t clever enough to do a Tetris 99 music cover, but honestly the Tetris 99 theme is so heavy on the digital percussion, I don’t think the same level of what I wanted to show off with the kit would have been anywhere near as effective.

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