(ENG SUB)Having AMAZINGLY FUN cycling around Taiwan on 2 wheels!

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퇴경아 약먹자

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Shared May 11, 2019

It is becoming a trendy thing to do cycling and touring in Taiwan while at the same time you can taste the local gourmet and fun food, enjoy sightseeing, and experience the cultures! Hop on and ride with me now to check out where the hot spots are for checking in! Go to #Taiwan on 2 Wheels

Want to know more tourist information as a cyclist in Taiwan? Go to Taiwan On 2 Wheels website to find out more http://www.taiwanon2wheels.com/

Places I went: 무지개 마을 선형차고 팔괘산대불풍경구 팔괘산 스카이워크 시뤄대교 하야시 백화점 옌수이시커우 습지 안평고보 잔얼쿠KW2 보얼예술특구 전전지성 자전거 다리 리우허 관광야시장 꾸산페리역 치진페리역 치진 환도 자전거길 치진 별하늘 터널

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