Everybody Leaves - Original Song

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Abbey Glover

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Shared December 14, 2018

I’m floating between happy
And I’m floating between sad
It’s weird because I can’t decide
What I really am

I had a lover lost that
Like most things I obtain
Now I’m an insomniac
With a messy damaged brain

And it’s frustrating
I’m not the same and
It’s upsetting and it’s a shame
Can’t anybody just stay
And make me feel less insane
Because I can’t help wondering why everybody leaves
And I’m always the one in pain
I’m always the one in pain.

I’m falling I’m crashing down
I’m screaming but no sounds coming out
But flowers still look pretty
And the sun still makes me warm
So I can’t be that empty
Or is it the calm before the storm


I hate the rain but if it was love
I’d stand in it til I’m soaking wet
I’d never want it to stop