Weird Part of the Night - Louis Cole

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Shared August 22, 2016

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song written by: LOUIS COLE
all instruments and singing by: LOUIS COLE
(except extra violin at end by Leah Zeger)
vid directed by: LOUIS COLE
vid filmed/co-directed by: Daniel Sunshine
dancers: Genevieve Artadi and Loren Battley
driver: Max Thoeny
doin it right, on a weird night
between 3 and 6 when my big ideas hit
green freeways, green freeways, driving fast, at last
its hard to be fake with nobody else awake
I can live how I live baby, hanging hard, working hard
In the weird part of the night, yeah
thats the time I feel alright, yeah
all the bull s--- goes away, oh yeah
then it comes back during the day, yeah
doin it right, on a weird night
(vrs 2):
between 3 and 6 when no one can f--- your s---
so in touch, thats the best, send that girl a risky text
thrill seeking, gland squeezing, give your life meaning
that spot on the clock, when the world can't throw you off
(ch again)
(insane throat slap vocal run)
(ch again)