Can You Beat Fallout: New Vegas With Only A Companion?

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Shared March 22, 2019

Companions are one of the best parts of the Fallout games. They accompany you on your adventures, are sworn to carry your burdens, and can be the only thing standing between you and a bullet, whether they want to be or not. But what if you wanted to essentially make a companion do all of the work? Can You Beat Fallout New Vegas With Only A Companion?

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Can You Beat Fallout New Vegas With Only A Companion? (in text form)

After raiding Doc Mitchell’s house, I went out into the wasteland to begin my adventure. The first thing I did was get the Varmint Rifle from Sunny Smiles so that Joe Cobb would show up and unfortunately not kill Trudy on site. I convinced Sunny, Trudy, Chet, Doc Mitchell, Easy Pete, and the rest of the town to go to town, then sat back and watched the battle begin. It didn’t matter to me who won. I was actually hoping they’d all slaughter each other leaving only Easy Pete and Cheyenne alive. But the citizens of townsville prevailed over the wannabe Rowdy Rough Boys, I got paid for fighting on the front lines, found Cheyenne’s corpse, tried to take it with me but she’s pretty heavy, so I just took her skin and was on my way to the Strip.

As I took my leave, I got the opportunity to change my name. And I did, to something much more appropriate, like Pinhead. I got chased out of Goodsprings by a Radscoprion, passed through Hidden Valley, parkoured over a few Bark Scorpions, and arrived at Black Mountain to rescue my main squeeze Raul. Squeezing him is probably a bad idea though. I have a feeling it’d be like squeezing a big puss-y scab. As odd up as I am, the idea of being covered in several hundred year old puss does nothing to get my trousers moving.

I stuck to the cliffs of Black Mountain to avoid most of the Super Mutants and Nightkin. But there was a locked gate and I couldn’t jump the fence, so I had to go through the main entrance, which was guarded by two invisible Nightkin and was also in the Slime Zone for the Super Mutant with a Missile Launcher.

It’s worth mentioning that earlier in this playthrough I had decided that I would only wear my Vault 21 Jumpsuit and a stupid hat. Believe it or not, with my Endurance at 1 and practically no armor, I got hit hard by Annabelle. After a few attempts, I made it inside and rescued my darling Raul. I gave him some armor and one of my stupid hats, then decided that me not wearing any real armor was a stupid idea, so I armored up, gave all my weapons and ammo to Raul, and… he’s already unconscious. Perfect.

The upside here is that this unfortunate circumstance allowed me to discover a new cheesing technique. If your companion is unconscious and you enter a building, they regain consciousness. I used this unique technique to enter and exit the Prison Building multiple times. Raul and I would leave, he’d get a few shots off, get struck by the missile launcher, and I’d return inside to bring him back to life.

After nearly wearing out the door hinges, the Super Mutants and Nightkin in the immediate area were defeated, I distracted the big ugly one with a missile launcher while Raul killed it, we entered Tabitha’s hideout, Raul killed her, I looted a few boxes, and was off to Boulder City. As I mindlessly wandered towards Boulder City, I ran into a Deathclaw. Raul saved my life, I performed an ancient Michigan mating ritual, and I knew he was the right companion. Not even a minute later I got annihilated by another Deathclaw and regretted every decision in my life that led me to this exact moment in time.