15 Jokes In Avengers Endgame That Flew Over Your Head

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Shared May 2, 2019

The Best And Funniest Jokes In Marvel Avengers Endgame

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Just like many other movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Avengers: Endgame made us cry, cheer and, of course, laugh. Today, we’re going to be going over some of the best jokes Marvel Studios included in the movie and some of them are ones you might’ve missed. You probably realized the movie reference when Captain America got into that elevator, but we’ll explain why all the comic book fans in the audience laughed when Steve Rogers said “hail Hydra.”

Time travel can introduce a lot of plot holes into a cinematic universe, but it can also add a lot of levity. We’ll include some of the funniest moments you might not have noticed the first time around, including a Ben & Jerry’s reference from Avengers: Infinity War. Did you think Bruce Banner was holding a pint of ice cream too? And if you missed the book being read by the security guard in Scott Lang’s storage unit, we’ll let you know why “Terminal Breach” was the perfect choice for reading material and, of course, we’ll talk about the time Thor had to deal with some creatures straight out of Norse mythology, but with a great modern twist.

Now that we’ve shared some of our favorite Avengers: Endgame moments of levity, what was the joke that made you laugh the hardest? Make sure to share it with us in the comments section and then click on the subscribe button for more great videos from us here at CBR.


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