25 Things You Missed In The Secret Life Of Pets

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Shared June 3, 2019

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The Secret Life of Pets was a breakout hit in 2016 and the movie gave us a lot more secrets than just what our pets are up to everyday. The Illumination animation film is packed to the brim with easter eggs, small moments, and things you missed along the way. So strap on a harness and get ready for a wild ride as we unveil all of these moments just in time for the highly anticipated Secret Life of Pets 2.

When designing the characters for the Secret Life of Pets, the animators had the tough task of creating completely original characters without looking too much like other famous pets of the past. And while Max, Buddy, and Gidget were definitely original, they still managed to sneak in some tributes to animated animals we grew up watching in movies and on TV. The Secret Life of Pets was purely about appreciating the animals we love and having plenty of cute moments -- but it seems like the filmmakers definitely wanted to toss in a couple of subtle messages as well. One of them involves our use and reliance on cell phone technology. Kevin Hart was brilliant voice casting as Snowball the bunny -- and we’d love to tell you its his first time playing a bunny -- but it’s not! Now don’t go digging out your Disney DVD collection or start watching episodes of Peter Rabbit. Long before his role as Snowball, Hart played a character simply known as Bigg Bunny. Watch to see all of these hidden moments and several others you probably missed the first time around!

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