Odin's Vault Holds Clues To MCU Phase 4

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Shared June 15, 2019

Ever Wonder what Odin's Vault contained throughout the MCU? Here are the 10 treasures ranked! Subscribe to our channel: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-Screenrant

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has seen a lot of powerful items being thrown around - most recently, of course, it was the Infinity Gauntlet.

It seems that Thor's father, Odin, had a vested interested in acquiring such items, as his vault on Asgard has seen quite a few on display over the years.

In fact, it's specifically housed ten items of power that we know of - and, in this video, we'll be ranking them in order of importance in the grand scheme of the MCU.

It'll take into account things like where they fit into Asgard's history, how they contributed to Asgard's dominance, and how they link to other characters - both from the MCU and the comic books!

The items in question are; the Tuning Fork, The Warlock's Eye, the Tablet of Life and Time, the fake Infinity Gauntlet, the Casket of Ancient Winters, the Destroyer Armour, Surtur's Crown, the Eternal Flame, Mjolnir and the Tesseract AKA the Space Stone.

Whether or not the vault has ever been the home to other items is unclear, but we imagine it probably has - it's just that we'll never get to see them now, given that Asgard's been destroyed in the franchise (unless, of course, some movies set in Asgard's past are released going forward).

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1. The Tuning Fork
2. The Warlock's Eye
3. The Tablet of Life and Time
4. The Fake Infinity Gauntlet
5. The Casket of Ancient Winters
6. The Destroyer
7. Surtur's Crown
8. The Eternal Flame
9. Mjolnir
10. The Tesseract

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