We made an Update to Minecraft ENDERMAN (Crafting Recipe Comments #11)

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Shared August 10, 2019

We updated Minecraft Armor with YOUR Comments and Suggestions in this week's Comments to Crafting episode.

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Today we are bringing some amazing armor pieces to minecraft with your comments & suggestions! One thing that we minecraft players love is our armor! We show it off to our friends and even keep them nice and neat on armor stands. But we always want more! This time we've added brand new pieces of armor that you can craft in minecraft 1.14 today!

We have the Laser googles that can set mobs on fire and also turn sand into glass. The Invisibility cloak which turns you invisible instantly! The enderman mask allows you to be friends with enderman and you travel so fast it seems like you're teleporting! The iron fist which you can plow through blocks as one of the best mining tools in the game. Nether Wings give you the ability to fly for 30 seconds without needing to use fireworks. Sand Armor protects you from all projectiles. Turtle armor lets you sneak into your shell for an awesome resistance buff! We also have the Wheat crown so passive mobs can follow you in minecraft.


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