Why Am I Like This ? - Original Song

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Abbey Glover

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Shared September 13, 2019

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I’m trapped inside my mind tonight
I’d rather be somewhere else
The knots in my stomach are all so tight
And my nails are too short to untie them

Wave of feelings come over me now
At least then you’ll come and go
And I can start all over again
Climbing back up when I feel so low

One of these days you’ll see me
Not the me you think I am
You’ll see me the way I see myself
And probably turn and run
But if by chance you stick around
And don’t mind tiptoeing around my mind
I’ll drain you
And you’ll leave because you’re tired

I spend most time in love
Thinking about how it’s going to end
Maybe they’ll find someone else
Or it will be because of something I said

Is there someone out there
Who has some time that I could borrow
Because I spent all of mine
And I have none left
And I need some to start over


Why why am I like this ?
I don’t know why why I’m like this