Nintendo's Greatest Mystery: Revisiting L is Real 22 Years Later in Super Mario 64

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Shared May 5, 2019

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L is Real 2401, or as some people call it Eternal Star, is one of Super Mario 64's greatest gaming mysteries. No - I take that back. It's one of the biggest, if not thee biggest gaming conundrum for the Nintendo 64. Unlocking Luigi is Super Mario 64 was at the top of everyone's lists once the rumors started circulating around. Thousands gathered in front of the courtyard's star statue to decipher the hidden message... But no one ever did. But given new recent findings... Is L is Real 2401 solved? Let's take a look back at this iconic gaming mystery over two decades later to find out.

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Written, filmed, and finalization by SwankyBox.
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"Riverside Station" - Paper Mario: TTYD
"Dark Bloo Inn" - Paper Mario: Color Splash
"Sweet Mystery Galaxy" - Super Mario Galaxy 2

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