42 Things That Are Always Confused for One Another

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Shared August 10, 2019

There are many things that we think are the same, but they’re actually 2 different things. For example, when someone says, “I’m going to America,” they probably mean the US. Would you like to have a mug of coffee or a cup of coffee? Have you brought a mushroom or a toadstool from the forest? Did you have a macaron or a macaroon with lunch yesterday?

So, yeah, there're words that make thousands of people confused and annoyed. And no wonder! Sometimes, just one vowel can entirely change the meaning of the whole word. So, let's figure out whether you dance samba or sambo!

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Emojis vs. Emoticons 0:40
Shrimps vs. Prawns 1:06
Silicon vs. Silicone 1:25
Cement vs. Concrete 1:55
Mugs vs. Cups 2:21
Pills vs. Tablets 2:46
Sambo vs. Samba 3:10
Venomous vs. Poisonous 3:31
Jealousy vs. Envy 3:55
Stalactites vs. Stalagmites 4:23
Jam vs. Jelly 4:59
Macarons vs. Macaroons 5:27
Boats vs. Ships 6:02
America vs. the US 6:42
Great Britain vs. the UK 7:13
Mushrooms vs. Toadstools 7:34
Huskies vs. Malamutes 8:06
Alpacas vs. Llamas 8:36
Crocodiles vs. Alligators 9:20
Sphinx vs. Sphynx 10:11
Crows vs. Ravens 10:47

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- Emojis are real pictures. And emoticons are faces you create by typing different characters on your keyboard.
- Solid and brittle, silicon is a chemical element with a pretty blue-grey metallic shine. And silicone is a substance where silicon atoms are mixed with oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, and whatnot.
- The pill is a more general term for medicines presented in small rounded shapes. As for the tablet, it's powdered herbs or chemicals that are pressed together to create a flat, solid shape.
- Jealousy is when you have an ice-cream and are afraid that someone will take it from you. As for envy, you feel it when another person is enjoying their ice-cream on a hot day, but there's no cold treat for you!
- Stalagmites grow upward from the floor of a cave. And stalactites grow downward from the ceiling of a cave.
- Look at the sweet stuff in front of you. Can you see pieces of fruit and berries inside? Then it's jam. Jelly only contains juice, and it's also more translucent.
- A macaron is a kind of cookie made from egg whites, sugar, and almond powder. And macaroons come from Italy. They’re small cookies made from ground almonds, coconuts, and other nuts.
- Great Britain is one island. But the United Kingdom also includes the north-eastern part of Ireland, as well as numerous small islands.
- Huskies are pooches from Siberia, where they were specifically bred to be fast. They’re sleek, kind, and hardworking, and often have two different colored eyes. As for malamutes, they're Alaskan dogs, just as lovely as huskies, but a bit slower and more massive.
- Alligators' snouts are wider and have an apparent U-shape, and crocodiles' front part is V-shaped and pointed.
- Crows are smaller, with thinner and longer beaks. As for ravens, they’re way larger than crows, with longer tails and thicker bills.

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