(ENG SUB) 요즘 꼬맹쓰들의 원픽 선물은 방탄 콘서트 티켓?! 어린이날 제일 신나버린 반백살의 어린이 대공원 정복 BAAAM!! | 와썹맨 ep.62 | god 박준형

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와썹맨-Wassup Man

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Shared May 3, 2019

Yo~!! We went to the Children's Grand Park for Children's Day~!!! It wasn't free when I was a youngin, but now even the zoo is free chaamna~~ If you're in the area, go to this awesome amusement park~! BAAAM!!!

P.S. If you're a dude, your you-know-what might hurt on the roller coaster.. Just sayin'.. Get it~!! BAAAM!!!

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