Can You Beat Fallout 3 With Only A BB Gun?

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Shared January 14, 2019

The first weapon you get in Fallout 3 is the BB Gun. And very quickly you discover how useless it is. Even a Radroach, the weakest and most pathetic of all the enemies in Fallout 3 may take 2 or more shots to kill. Early on, most people rely on the 10mm Pistol Amata gives you when she wakes you up. But what if all you had was that BB Gun? Can You Beat Fallout 3 With Only A BB Gun?

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Can You Beat Fallout 3 With Only A BB Gun? (in text form)

Every mother knows that your skills in Fallout 3 are effected by the points you put into your SPECIAL stats. Because we’ll be relying on the worst weapon out our disposal, Agility is the primary stat to focus on. For skills, we go with Small Guns, Medicine, and []. I got the 10mm Pistol from Amata so that I could sell it later, then picked up my BB Gun and BBs from the table, and my adventure begins.

Out into the wasteland, my first stop was Megaton to sell all the weapons and armor I didn’t need and to buy every Stimpak I could find. After all, with such a bad gun I’m gonna be taking a lot of damage. Unfortunately, Moira doesn’t sell BBs. She doesn’t understand how much she just screwed up. In an attempt to make her pay for her misdeeds, I spent a considerable amount of time trying to kill her. I was hoping that I’d be able to kill her with a single shot. But even when hidden, it was just not possible. And I didn’t wanna take any more damage than I needed to by getting into a fire fight with the Craterside Supply guard.

I left, and was on my way to Smith Casey’s Garage. Because I only had 41 BBs, I avoided as many enemies as I could. Then I foolishly fought a Bloatfly, and I was down to 32 BBs. I could remember exactly where the Garage was located, but Tenpeny Tower loomed over the horizon, so I stopped in for a visit. I bought a few more Stimpaks, I passed a few skill checks, I take to Allistair Tenpenny while he aimed a Sniper Rifle at my gosh darned chest, and I knew what I had to do next.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the Explosives skill required. I needed to level up, and what better way to do that than by killing the Ghouls pestering the Tenpenny residents. That did not go very well. No, it did not go very well at all. Rather than wasting all 26 of my remaining BBs, I ran for my life and got out of there. I still had not leveled up again. So I decided to just carry on with the main quest. By this point, Dr Braun is more of a nuisance than an actual challenge. As is tradition, I leave him in Tranquility Lane forever, not even stopping to say hello to the man before leaving.

Dad was finally freed and explained the plan. Rivet City. But that’s really far away and Moira Brown isn’t dead yet. See ya, Dad, I’ve got a person to kill. I had finally leveled up and was able to raise my Explosives skill up to 25 and attach the bomb to Ol’ Nukey in Megaton. Then I returned to Tenpenny Tower to let Burke know that the show was ready to begin. I hit the switch, watched the explosion, got paid, hit the BB mother-load with Chief Gustavo, and realized that my work had not yet been finished. Moira isn’t dead yet. The fear in her eyes when I told her I was going to kill her was palpable. You could almost taste it.