Build an 8-bit decimal display for our 8-bit computer

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Ben Eater

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Shared March 18, 2017

In this video, we'll use an EEPROM (28C16) to create a decimal display for an 8-bit value. The display uses multiplexing to drive four digits using a single EEPROM. As a bonus it supports both unsigned and signed (twos complement) display modes.

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The code used in this video for programming the EEPROM is available here:

See for more info.
Parts list for the finished decimal display:
- 1x 28C16 EEPROM
- 1x 555 timer IC
- 1x 74LS76 (Dual JK flip-flop)
- 1x 74LS139 (Dual 2-line to 4-line decoder)
- 4x Common cathode 7-segment displays
- 1x 1k resistor
- 1x 100k resistor
- 2x 10nF capacitors