Testing the Mechanical Rhythm Machine - Marble Machine X #55

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Shared October 17, 2018

Will it play tight??
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This channel is crowdfunded! I have been approached by sponsors to make ads for their brands inside the videos. For a while the offers where smaller but recently the offers have become larger and larger. For now I have decided to not do ads inside the Wintergatan Wednesdays videos, as I want to keep this interaction between you, the viewer, and me. And not involve a third part. I recently heard Sam Harris philosophy on why we need to move away from ad-driven content and create a new type of way to sponsor and support the ideas we like. It is much like the old Mecenat system where artists where supported by Mecenats. I really like this idea. I used to feel weird about having a Patreon page, or accepting Youtube Memberships. But in the light of what Sam was talking about I now feel great about it. I am so happy that I can reject having ads inside the videos, thanks to the support from the viewers. If you feel you are getting value from the videos, consider supporting the channel. If it would cause you any financial stress, you should not do it.

If you are interested in hearing Sam Harris thoughts that inspired me to reject the sponsor offers you can check out his waking up podcast, he has a 7 minute segment in the beginning of each episode about this.

By the end of the day, The best support I have is that you care about the ideas in the videos, thank you so much for watching. Good luck with everything you do and see you in the next Wintergatan Wednesday!


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