Tangled Theory: The Secret Daughter Of Mother Gothel

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Shared April 8, 2019

Mother Gothel May Have A Real Daughter No One Knew About
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Back in 2010, Disney brought its fans a movie that would soon become a staple in the Disney world. The movie was none other than “Tangled," which brought the fairytale princess Rapunzel to life. The film was such a hit that a television series known as “Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure” was soon developed in its honor.

We love watching Rapunzel and her friends embark on new and exciting adventures. Although we never get tired of watching Rapunzel and Flynn make their way through their fairytale, we thought we’d bring up the character who was most recently introduced to the show: Cassandra. Be sure to watch until the very end to get to know this character and the role she plays in Rapunzel’s journey. Some fans are convinced that Cassandra may be connected to the selfish and vein Mother Gothel. Watch until the end to find out if there is a correlation between these two characters.

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