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Shared April 14, 2019

Caddy goes even more insane than usual and takes a look at Breakout PS1. Yes, a remake of the Atari game….for the PlayStation. Oh boy. Please go to to get DAILY CHEAP STEAM GAMES! On the date this video goes out it’ll be Little Nightmares at 73% off - so that’s cool. ▼ MORE LINKS BELOW ▼

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Breakout was a classic arcade game from 1976, developed and published by Atari. After following up the success with a home console port on the Atari 2600 with Breakout Atari and then Super Breakout, this style of arcade game, much like Pacman, Space Invaders, Defender and Frogger, began seeing a LOT of imitators as well as ports. Arkanoid NES, Arkanoid Doh It Again SNES, and countless others took the gameplay style of Breakout and evolved it - but in the case of Atari - they thought the next best thing to affect the Breakout brand positively was in a remake. A 3D remake. A 32bit PS1 remake. Breakout PS1. Yeah, it happened - and the paddles have eyes now. This Breakout PS1 review was recorded via ePSXe (because ya know, NTSC vs PAL), and Breakout PS1 gameplay was captured via Nvidia Shadowplay at 1080p 60fps. Sorry to go technical but I really don’t know what else to say. It’s Breakout. On PlayStation. OH, I forgot to talk about the Breakout PS1 OST in this video, didn’t I? It’s okay. Works for a Breakout remake. But again, it’s a PS1 remake. OF BREAKOUT. WHAT MORE CA I SAY?!

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QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Any other PS1 remakes of classic arcades games I’m missing out on? I know there’s a Frogger PS1 remake, but yeah, no clue. Wanna do more episodes on arcade remakes - please post suggestions here!

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