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Shared October 9, 2019

This is it, everyone. A Switch vs Switch Lite comparison video, AND an Untitled Goose Game review AND a Link’s Awakening review. Of the remake, I mean. It’s 3 videos in one, and no Switches were harmed in this video. Except the one I sat on. ▼ MORE LINKS BELOW ▼

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Yes, you read it correctly. Caddy pushed the Nintendo Switch Lite to breaking point. I tested out every aspect of Nintendo’s brand new Nintendo Switch Lite - the thinner, smaller and lighter version of the original Nintendo Switch. This video is a comparison - a Switch vs Switch Lite (or Switch Lite vs Switch) video, if you will. I test out the system alongside the original Switch with it out of the dock, since the Switch Lite can’t connect to TV’s, and managed to get around to a performance comparison, speed comparison, charge comparison, sleep comparison, sound comparison, battery life comparison - all the pros and cons. Should I buy the Nintendo Switch Lite? Hopefully this video will answer that for you. That’s not all though - along with a Switch Lite review, there’s also an Untitled Goose Game review AND a Legend of Zelda Link’s Awakening review. The Link’s Awakening remake, that is. For the Switch. Yeah. So this Caddicarus is more or less a 3-in-one. Hope you like it. I also wear a goose mask and ruin my dog’s day.

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Watch more game reviews like my Nintendo Switch Lite review, this Untitled Goose Game review, and the Link's Awakening review on my channel! | Caddicarus

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