Bene Gesserit Vs Aes Sedai | Dune and Wheel of Time Comparison

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Shared April 25, 2019

In frank herbert's Epic Science fiction Dune Saga, The Bene Gesserit sisterhood is one of the most powerful groups in the universe. The sisterhood arose during the turmoil brought on by the Butlerian Jihad which created the necessity for humans to rely on their own capabilities rather than computing technology. The Bene Gesserit order is driven by its desire to shape the universe as it sees fit. The sisters possess secret knowledge and have powers far greater than the average human in the Imperium. Some think of them as witches, but in truth, they are women of great discipline. From the background of imperial politics, they manipulate the citizens of the empire and they employ powerful techniques of religious engineering to seed myths in primitive worlds, making the malleable to the sisterhood’s will. The Bene Gesserit through the spice trance could gaze into their genetic memory, but they could not look into the male half. The paternal half was blocked to them, it terrified them. Their messianic figure would be a male who could look into both sides, the Kwisatz Haderach.

Robert Jordan's classic fantasy series, The Wheel of Time, features an order of women similar to the Bene Gesserit known as the Aes Sedai. During the Age of legends, the Aes Sedai assisted in the progression of mankind. They channeled the One Power, which was split into two halves Saidar which only women could draw from and Saidin which only men could draw from. Eventually, the male half of the Eternal One power became corrupted, driving all channelers of Saidin to madness causing the breaking of the world. The female half of the one power remained untainted. The Sisters hunt down male channelers of the One Power and gentle them, severving them from the source. Modern Aes Sedai are largely self-serving, they are trained to manipulate others along with being trained to channel Saidar. Like the Bene Gesserit, they are widely mistrusted and are often called witches. They also have a male messianic figure known as the Dragon, the champion of Light.

Both organizations utilize men without giving them access to the inner circle. And both groups train select girls in a code of strict obedience. Both have a long history and far-reaching influence in their respective universes.

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