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Shared August 8, 2019

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Beautiful Cinematic Shots:

Original Trailer:
Save the world trailer for doctor vinderman maybe?
Tilted Cinematography:

Season 3
Meteor in sky
Meteorite landing
Meteorite Striking dusty
More meteors landing

Season 4
3:25: Hop rocks AND (3:41) Dusty divot cinematography (NOTE: at 4:58 this also shows some of organization x’s vehicles which can be used as well)
Season 4: (1080p)
S4 NEW LOCATIONS meteor strike spots, rocket base, mansion replay mode: :
Hop Rocks:
Brief look at rock in middle of dusty:
Hop Rocks being transported (2:08):
Look inside rocket base (1:04)
Rocket launch countdown (2:45)
Rocket Launch 1:
Rocket Launch 2:

Season 5
Season 5 Trailer:
Anchor, dino bones etc:
Cube spawn:
Cube rolling and printing a rune:
Cube melts in loot lake:

Season 6
Season 6 Trailer:
Island covered in cube stuff
Cube Island flying above a rune
Cube activating a rune:
Fortnitemares trailer
Cube exploding with players watching:
Butterfly event:
Parachute at Flush:
AIM in loading screen:
Snow Storm Approaching:
Season 7
Season 7 Trailer:
Polar peak is a castle:
Polar Peak Cinematics:
Infinity sword (1:14)
Dragon Eggs:
Prisoner is chained up:
ice kings ball
Cube in ice kings hand (need to zoom to remove replay mode)
Prisoner escapes:
Ice storm event:
REALLY Good Cinematics of Ice King & Prisoner (use clips sparingly)
Season 8
Season 8 Trailer:
Helicopter Around the map:
Helicopter again:
Loot lake first excavation:
Loot lake excavated:
Unlocking Vault w/ Rune:
Unvaulting event:
Unvaulting 2:

Season 9
Robot COnstruction:
Further construction:
Robot Fight