Dune: The Futars and The War of The Scattering

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Shared July 2, 2019

When the vicious Honored Matres returned out of the scattering 1,500 years after the fall of the Worm God's empire they intended to dominate all. They brought many different weapons and technologies with them. Including Futars. The Futars were enslaved, the Honored Matres treated the futar creatures as if they were pets. Futars had a limited capacity for language and their intelligence was somewhat below human level.

The Futars had originally been created in the scattering by The Enemy of the Matres, The Ones of Many Faces, who likely are related to the members of the tleilaxu who had originally gone into the scattering. The Futars had originally been created as a weapon against the Honored Matres. They were a tool that could hunt down and eliminate the matres.

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