Alien Cov. Deleted Scene Explains How David Created Xenomorphs

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Shared March 31, 2019

After watching Alien Covenant, many of us wondered if David is the actual creator of xenomorphs and how he was able to make xenomorphs eggs. There are a few different opinions and theories on this topic, but today was we’ll cover one deleted scene and a passage from Alien Covenant novel that explain the origins of the eggs and the alien creature that David brought to life.

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The novelization gives us really important information about the eggs, similarly, the deleted sequence has a huge detail relating to the cup used by the Engineer to seed life on Earth.

The novelization is a written version of the film with way more information than a script, everything is described in great detail. For the most part it’s exactly the same as the film but there are a few important things that were not included in the movie. The deleted scene is also in the novel but the visuals and the object that we see on the screen lead to a theory of how David succeeded in his experiments.

This part is not in the deleted scene or anywhere else, you can only get it if you read the novelization, which kinda weird because not only it clarifies the origin of the eggs but also because it makes a huge difference for Alien franchise continuity.

It the novel, when Oram is in the David’s lab, David shows him an egg laying on his a table, which means that it’s smaller than the eggs in his underground room. It’s described that this egg was not just another specimen in his collection, but a very special and unique object that David honored. It’s also described to have a facehuger like creature inside of it, so it’s clear that this was the original xenomorphs egg the same one as in Alien 1979. David then explains that for his lab, he was trying to use everything he could salvage from the crashed juggernaut and the Engineer city including this egg. He then explains that the egg was aggressive to the point that he decided to neutralize it so that it was no longer alive.

David also referred to the egg as the true survivor, so from this passage we learn that David found the original xenomorph egg either in the Engineer city or on the crashed juggernaut, which is far more likely. As I talked in my other video, the Prometheus draft explains that the ships on LV 223 had “planet seeders”, which I assume are xenomorphs eggs, we’ll get back to this a bit later.

David explains to Oram that he simply found this egg as an example of Engineer perfection and the egg inspired him to create something in the image of it, which are these big almost human size eggs.

So that’s a really important detail that was left out from the movie, because it means that the eggs in Alien 1979 were not created by David suggesting that the origins of the eggs is still a mystery. It also means that the xenomorphs type that David created – protomorphs – are a completely different branch of aliens separate from the other ones that we’ve seen in Alien movies and they’re not an intermediate step to bio mechanical design of the original xenomorph.

The Engineer needed to drink this substance in order to achieve proper mutation. This means that the liquid inside the cup was crucial in creating a new life form.

About a year ago, I found Prometheus draft script which gives a really detailed explanation about the cup and the gold ish substance inside. According to the draft script, the substance that the engineer drinks is the blood of the first deacon, a creature that gave life to Engineers. In the script they were apparently using its blood to seed life on other planets. I go in much more details about the first deacon and its connection to engineers in my other video on the draft script so you should check it out if you haven’t seen it yet.

Not many people know that this cup appears the second time in Prometheus inside the temple with pathogen urns These few shots are only included in the trailer, before the movie came out in theaters they replaced the cup with this green crystal which is not related to anything in the movie.

Surprisingly David seem to use almost the same cup in Alien covenant, which can explain how he was able to “create” his own protomorph eggs. In the deleted scene, David leads Oram to the underground room, just before entering,

This cup looks extremely similar to the one that the sacrifice engineer used at the beginning of Prometheus and also to the cup that we saw in the trailer. They don’t look exactly the same but there is definitely a great similarity which I don’t believe happened by chance, almost like it

The theory is that just like David found the original xenomorph egg on the engineer ship, he probably recovered this mysterious cup, that was in the temple on LV 223.

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