Fun Weekend Time Vlogmas Day 11 and 12

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Shared December 13, 2015

Sorry for combining these into one vlog, like I said Friday night we got pretty drunk, not sure if you've ever tried editing drunk but that shit is just not gonna happen. Plus, this is just me personally, but I really try to make a point to shut off as much as possible on the weekends. Although I had the best of intentions to upload the vlogs as they were happening, I just wasn't going to be a crazy person about getting them up that night. Even though I'm doing vlogmas, AND THE WHOLE POINT IS VLOGGING EVERY DAY JENNA YOU FUCKING IDIOT, my sanity is still of #1 importance. So I do apologize for making two days into one vlog, but we have a lot of work coming up in the next couple of weeks in order to get some time off for Christmas, so it is pretty important to me to be relaxed and shut off when I can. I'll get on a soap box some day for you in a vlog, maybe I'll do that today, but I do think it's so important to have days like these where you spend time with friends and force yourself to relax because in the long run, it's a much more sustainable plan. Hope you guys are doing well, and if you like metal, seriously that youtube channel frogleapstudios is rad as fuck and I'm also so pumped about my new backpack purse Jason and Gabs are just too fucking nice man. Too nice. Okay see you in the vlog later today byes.