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Cute Cookie Gacha

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Shared July 7, 2019

Warning: this has some scenes that might make you feel uncomfortable or something. So Fin you don’t like that stuff...DONT SAY I DIDNT WARN YOU

SUMMARY IN CASE YOUR CONFUSED: There is this facility that kidnaps young girls and raises them to be perfect. The facility tells the girls that it is an adoption center, but really sells them as slaves. One girl named Anastasia is very defiant, and befriends a guard named Aiden. Aiden’s dad is rich, and made him work at the facility to teach him responsibility. One day aidens parents decide to buy their son a girl, and Aiden asks them to buy Anastasia. Aide not takes her to school, where they see another girl who somehow escaped from the facility. CLIFFHANGER

I make a part two :)3