Jim Acosta Learns That Walls Work

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Mark Dice

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Shared January 11, 2019

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1 week ago | 434

Meat Scepter

USA, the only country in the world that is not allowed to enforce its borders.

1 week ago | 640

Bryan Gillis

Jim Acosta: Nobody is on my porch right now so I don't need a front door.

1 week ago | 370

Clerkfish 100

β€œDear Diary..” Love our President

1 week ago | 341

Keri Brennan

Mark Dice, the laugher you provide is medicine for our souls!! Thank you for providing the uplifting commentary!!

1 week ago | 265

Kathy Rose

You gotta love it when a plan comes together!

1 week ago | 411


Walls must work, otherwise why would all the Hollywood sycophants and self diagnosed "elites" have them surrounding their mansions?

1 week ago | 270

Frank Atavar

Wheels and walls work baby.

1 week ago | 91


Walls work and he is too stupid to realize it. Or just to much of a Trump hater to admit it.

1 week ago | 137

Robert Esposito

Mark Dice...an American Treasure. Jim Acosta...an American clown.

1 week ago | 44

eagle swoop

What a classic analogy~the wheel! So true and apt

1 week ago | 83

Ovation Eddie

Jim Acosta: Another Prick in the Wall

1 week ago | 887

Allen Nance

Puke-losi says walls are immoral. Bet her and her husband live in a lean-to tent.

1 week ago | 325

Mike Clark

Bro you are absolutely amazing. You make me love politics!!! Thanks for all you do!

1 week ago | 96

theBOOM brigade

@Mark Dice YouTube gave me a lovely "Impeach Trump" ad right before your video. Thought it was funny, and also kinda sad.

1 week ago | 45

marshall wright

Is Acosta really this stupid? Marshall Wright

1 week ago | 28

Son of Tiamat

Of course walls work. Just ask the champagne communists in their gated communities!

1 week ago | 218

iTz Newblood

The hypocrisy on the left is sickening. I am disgusted with the democrats that have been around for YEARS and have proven they don't care about America or Americans. They are truly a different kind of SCUM. A evil similar to murderers and rapists. I hope people start to see what's really going on. Its mind blowing the left still has half the population voting for them. MAGA SCREW THE LIBS

1 week ago | 24

Denny L

When the wall is built Trump should name some of its sections like..Acosta/Clinton/Pocahontas Warren/CNN..ETC

1 week ago | 20

liberals take conservatives make

Real Canadians want the wall

1 week ago | 10