#019: Small Office / Big Cabling Rehab!!

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Shared March 26, 2017

Holy cow this turned out to be a long video! I will seriously be shocked to see if anyone manages to stay awake through all 2 hours. I was thinking of breaking it into parts but my wife talked me into leaving intact as a single video. I'd love to hear feedback from you all as to the formatting and length.

his was a project that spanned around 2 months and a lot of all-nighters and weekends. I'm proud of the result and hope to get the chance to do another project like this in the future.

It isn't often I can just be cut lose to do everything I think needs to be done so the network will be in it's ideal state so this job really makes me happy. I hope all you enjoy the video and manage to either learn something you didn't know before or get inspired to do something differently in your work.


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