CNN Hit With $275M Defamation Suit Over Covington Fake News

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Tim Pool

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Shared March 13, 2019

CNN Hit With $275M Defamation Suit Over Covington Fake News. The lawsuit over the Covington incident has hit CNN. They now face $275M in compensatory and punitive damages for their incorrect reporting about Nicholas Sandmann.

People were outraged that CNN would push fake news and lies from Nathan Phillips without question and smear the Covington kids without investigation. The suit claims they made several videos, tweets, and reports that were incorrect and CNN failed to do basic journalistic work.

But why do media companies push this kind of news without checking facts? Its the "Trump Bump." Even if the news is fake they still get clicks and still make money. There is nothing but money to be made form posting this fake news about Trump and the MAGA Kids.


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