Everyone needs JIMIN (지민 BTS) in their lives!

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Shared October 30, 2018

Everyone needs JIMIN (지민 BTS) in their lives!
Hi all,
How are you today? I have a question for you. Who needs Jimin in his/her life?
I think that everybody needs him and I tell you also why.
And I will not start with the most obvious reasons, I will start with facts. And one of them is because he’s so real all the time, he’s not afraid to be himself.
Jimin has fun at the concerts and enjoys every moment, throws himself on the stage when he’s happy and with such a personality you are never bored.
Even if he tries to annoy you, he can make you happy while dancing behind the glass door. Just as he did for Rap Monster.
Everyone would like that hug from Jimin just like the one Jimin gave Jungkook.
And Rap Monster can be proud having such a good friend. Jimin removed Rap Monsters sweat from his forehead during an event.
So, I’ll ask again, who needs Jimin in his/her life?
Enjoy the video!💜

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