State of Play was dreadful.

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Shared September 26, 2019

Playstation State of Play September 2019 was kind of a joke that felt like a load of TV Wal-Mart commercials, with a few great announcements sprinkled in the middle. Let’s discuss why this ended up like that, and what I think about State of Play compared to Nintendo Direct in my Playstation State of Play reaction▼ MORE LINKS BELOW ▼


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State of Play is, to put it simply, a rip-off of Nintendo Direct. I mean, since Nintendo dropped Sony in the dirt decades ago when they tried to create a CD console together, I suppose this makes it fair? Either way, we haven’t had too many State of Play Playstation broadcasts yet - and today I’m gonna rant and show my reaction to why I think this is, and why I think it should be cancelled. This is a huge shame since I did love a lot of what they showed off for State of Play September 2019, but the way it was presented and the stuff it was promoted alongside (including PS Plus free games) makes no sense. After Party from the makers of Oxenfree, Wattam from the makers of Katamari Damacy, Arise, Space Channel 5 VR, LA Noire VR, the Medievil Remake Demo with bonus hidden content, and of course, the reason this entire stream happened; The Last of Us Part 2. But when you stick this alongside universal announcements like Call of Duty, Twitter announcements like PS Plus free games October 2019, or even belated announcements that wouldn’t convert any previous fans of a franchise over to a less powerful system when talking about Civilisation PS4 (Civilisation 6), it all appears mute, pointless, and like Sony don’t see enough value in what they’re doing to present not only a short, but lacking selection of games. They weren’t at E3 2019, and I’m not surprised why.

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