Animals That Actually Self-Destruct

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Shared January 13, 2019

What are some animals that will actually self-destruct? Did you guys know that there’s an ant that will do anything to protect the colony by exploding? Or how about the mom Octopus that will do some strange things in order to do whatever it takes to protect her young? Find about about these animals and more in this video!

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Here are some of the weirdest ways how animals actually self-destruct!

9 - Male phascogales
Spread around the coasts of Australia, phascogales are insectivorous and carnivorous marsupials that have gotten kind of popular based mainly on their terribly tragic mating life! Most of the phascogale population has migrated to South Western Australia because of deforestation, but of course, they’re not gonna let a little change in scenery stop them from mating and reproducing. Nature has been a little unfair to male phascogales with their lifespan, as females live an average 3 years, while males only live around a year or so. So why is that? Well…’s because they wear themselves out? But how?! It turns out male phascogales develop a strange fixation during their last few months – a fixation so powerful that they reach a state that’s the reason for their ultimate demise. It seems that their libido is raised to a level that deprives them of their will to eat! They get into a famine-induced state where their only interest is mating! Once they get into this state, their organs become so deteriorated within days and stress induced diseases get to them. Why do the males have to do this? Scientists just don’t have a good reason. They do know that the male phascogale’s testosterone is through the roof during this spell. At least it definitely benefits the females and their young! The females and the youngsters have more resources, as the males no longer compete for food and shelter. The craziest thing? There are no survivors for the males once they start mating.

8 - Mutant Ants
Nature has a way of making animals work together in a big group. Nature still manages to demonstrate just how powerful teamwork is for some species in the wild. Take for example ants. But not just any kind of ant, we're talking about the super mutant X-Men type of ants that live on the island of Borneo, southeast Asia. And if you think we're kidding about the whole mutant thing, think again. The Colobopsis explodens ant give honor to their name by, you guessed it, exploding! These ants can’t sting, nor do they have sharp teeth or a powerful mandible. This is probably the reason why they developed a protection technique that successfully guards them from any threat, although it’s a one time deal for the ant involved. Whenever they feel the presence of a predator, or any type of threat, they’ll explode themselves through an extraordinary muscular effort. This is in order to expel a yellow gooey substance that’s highly toxic to the predator. These ants will first warn their predator about their intentions, because c’mon, who wants to blow themselves up with a false alam? The ants lift up their butts in the air as a signal that they’re ready to explode. If the would-be attacker doesn’t back off, another ant will bite down on the ant in position, and that ant will flex so hard that their abdomens burst at the seams! Supposedly, this lethal yellow goo has a distinct and not unpleasant smell that’s strangely reminiscent of curry. Hey for these ants, it’s one for all and all for one!

7 - Spider Moms
If you guys aren’t into spiders, warning, close your eyes for the next couple minutes! But you should still listen about these spiders, because it’s really interesting! When it comes to sacrificing for kids, we can probably all agree that no one makes a bigger sacrifice than a mom, as she’s the one that has to carry the kids for quite a while. In certain species, that sacrifice can be much more extreme. We've all heard about certain species in which mothers go to extreme lengths to feed and protect their children. Well, this is one of those cases, but it’s to the point of ridiculousness if you’re asking us!