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Shared January 10, 2019

Today I look at some of the strangest, most awful ads from e-commerce site Wish. They are something else...


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Space Meg

Petition to get Slazo to buy Wish products and review them

5 days ago | 3,962


Mafia City and Wish are secretly competing trying to make the worst ad mankind has ever seen

5 days ago | 382


"I think it's a Japanese product..." Lmfao snuck that one right in there XD

5 days ago | 340

Jonah Woodman

12:12 or a spoon for demi lovato’s heroin

3 days ago | 26

Cardbored box

Haven't watched the video yet, but it was good.

5 days ago | 236

J-D Thunder

Can't wait to see pewdiepie's sequel to this video!

5 days ago | 1,255

Jonah Woodman

Before wish: lv1 crook After wish: lv99 boss

3 days ago | 8

warriorboy guy

Slazo looks like the guy from loss with the shirt he's wearing.

5 days ago | 100

Mr. Zorro

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5 days ago | 141

Kai the Meme Guy

Imagine if pewdiepie copies Slazo and makes a video on this and it becomes a meme

5 days ago | 27


Amazon: Level 1 noob Wish:Level 100 Boss

6 days ago | 1,508

Mike Breezy

“Yeah I drive a #Nissin what about it?”

5 days ago | 38

home boy

three wish ads on the vid. THAT'S HOW MAFIA WORKS!

5 days ago | 38

-_- ThatsPier -_-

this video is cool but i haven't tried it yet

5 days ago | 13


I’d buy slazo’s tongue right about now off wish for $1.....

5 days ago | 16

Daniel Sambar

You’re telling me, I can get 5 juul pods for the price of 8?

sign me up.

6 days ago | 703

punjarpim c

If I remember correctly it was the a fitness model on Instagram (Annavictoria) that wanted to show the difference posture makes for a picture. So basically same girl, no wait loss involved at 10:12

5 days ago | 21

Twilight Sparkle

Pause here 12:50 and read the text

3 days ago | 6

Julia E

The thing is, Wish is hit or miss. I got a really nice dress from it actually, as well as tights, and a necklace. But some stuff was crap. So is it worth it? Probably not. But if you are buying jewerly, well often it'll be fine because how wrong can you go with some cheap jewerly.

5 days ago | 8

sonic anim

5:28 the name of the ad is toilt spiner. Im not joking

5 days ago | 6