25 Times Cartoons Predicted The Future

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Shared January 11, 2020

It Isn't Only The Simpsons That Can Predict The Future...
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The creative freedom of animation allows cartoons to take their stories anywhere -- and more times than we could have imagined, many of these cartoons have predicted the future. Pokemon Go! Took the world by storm back in 2016. Well, back in 1999, South Park could see the rise of Pokemon coming and decided to take it on with the episode entitled “Chinpokomon”. The parody of Pokemon included everything from the toys to the video games. Caitlyn Jenner’s transformation from Bruce took the world by surprise back in 2015. Well, not everyone was surprised, especially the writers and animators on Family Guy. YEARS before Jenner announced she was transgender, Family Guy made direct remarks about the former Olympian. Nothing like modern technology to present an easier solution -- only to screw things up even worse. One example? The voting machine mishaps in the 2012 Barack Obama and Mitt Romney election. In real life, people were selecting a candidate like Obama, only to have Romney appear on the electronic voting screen. See how the Iron Man cartoon may have predicted a terrible disaster just a few years later.

Which show predicted the Pokemon Go craze? Which show featured the future of a scary movie franchise? And how was Inspector Gadget ahead of his time in more ways than we could ever imagine?! Time to break down these future predictions from favorites like The Simpsons, South Park, and Robot Chicken! Watch to see all these future predictions, how accurate they were, and what other predictions may take place down the line!

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