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Genre: Entertainment

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Abbey Glover

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Shared July 16, 2019

I’ve been waiting for hours now
You said you’d be here by seven
I’ve been drinking to make the time fly by
Now it’s quarter past eleven

I thought you wanted to see me
I did my makeup real nice
I felt real real pretty
Now I’m sitting here all by myself

Ten thousand calls later
Still no reply
I’ll convince myself you got lost somewhere
And you’ll soon arrive
You’ll soon arrive
When I know deep down
You’re never gonna come
And everyone’s staring at me
In the bar all alone

I grabbed my things and I left
Took a taxi back home
Went to my room I went to bed
Wondering what I’d done wrong

Maybe you saw me through the window
As I was waiting for you
Maybe you thought I looked prettier in photo
So you ran as fast as you could


And I don’t even know but it still hurts somehow
Imagine how you would’ve felt
If it was the other way around


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