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Shared June 26, 2018

The original Skam series was so successful outside Norway that some countries decided to do their own remake. This video is about the remakes produced in early 2018 in France, Italy, Germany and the USA. It identifies the characters from the original Norwegian series, and the names of their counterparts in the remake series. All the series follow the same basic storyline, only the names, locations and situations have changed, as you will see.

There is talk of other countries working on their own remakes, such as Holland and Spain, so watch this space.


French remake of the Norwegian series which began airing in February 2018 and completed two seasons by the end of May 2018.

The series follows the lives of five ordinary teens, Emma, Manon, Daphné, Alexia, and Imane, who attend high school in Paris. The girls learn about friendship, love, loss, and many other things along the way as they try to figure out life in the modern world. Their big priority is to raise funds so they can organise the most amazing party ever at the end of their senior year.

Seasons 1 and 2, Episode links…

SkamFrance Soundtrack (and 2)


An Italian version of the Norwegian series, with Season 1 airing between March and May 2018.

The series follow the lives of a group of boys and girls from a high school in Rome. Giovanni has a love affair with classmate Eva, who has been fallen out with her old friends. She meets four other girls and they form a new group to have fun and to support each other.

Season 1, Episode links

SkamItalia Soundtrack


German adaptation of SKAM, with Season airing between March and May 2018.

The story follows a group of teenagers who attend high-school in Berlin. The only notable character difference is that Mia, aka Noora in the Norwegian series, is Bisexual in the German series.

Season 1, episode links… (Most episodes and clips) (some episodes and clips)


An American version of Skam with Season 1 airing on Facebook Watch between April 2018 and June 2018, with daily drops (clips) and full episodes every Friday, as well as texts and Instagrams. Directed by Julie Andem, who was responsible for the original Norwegian series.

The story follows Megan, a sophomore at Bouldin High at Austin, Texas, who is in a troubled romance with Marlon (Eve and Jonas in the Norwegian series). Marlon has two close friends, Tyler and Shay (a new character), who play in his band. This effectively splits “Isak” into two separate characters and, at the end of the season, it is Shay who’s revealed as Gay (Lesbian) in text messages on Tyler’s phone. S1 didn’t give any real hints as to Tyler’s sexual orientation.

Season 1, Episode links… (all episodes) (most episodes) (some episodes)

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