I Don’t Care - Original Song

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Genre: Music

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Abbey Glover

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Shared February 14, 2019

Sorry this is messy guys ahaha

lyrics :

You think I don't know you're playing me honey
You think I don't know about your games
All those phone calls late in the evening
When you think I'm sleeping, I'm awake
And I don't even hate you for it darling
All you did was make me realize
The kind of love that I deserve
And you sure don't deserve mine

Baby I don't care
You're the one missing out, not me
You think I'll miss you not being there
Well think again cos I could find much better than you easy

You can stop calling me dear
You've got a lot to say
But I don't wanna hear
And I've been doing so well
You hate to hear see that I can tell


Now you apologize
For what you've done to me
All you know how to do, is lie
You know where you can stuff your apology