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Shared June 8, 2016

Best Learning Compilation Video: Marble Maze Runs Teach Colors & Counting for Kids! This learning compilation video for kids features three of our best marble maze run videos that teach kids colors and counting. Marble Mazes are lots of fun and are great stimulating and educational tools.

0:00 - Learn to Counting & Colors with Gumball Marble Maze
5:11 - Marble Maze: Learn to Count to 10
12:52 - Learn Colors with a GIANT Marble Maze

The first video in this learning compilation is:
"Learn Colors and Numbers with a Colorful Candy Gumball Marble Maze Run! Lots of candy fun!"

We've got an awesome toy Marble Maze run set up and we're going to help kids learn their colors and numbers with candy Gumballs! We've got five different color of Gumball and each color will go down the Marble Maze run into its own special jar. We'll keep a count of how many of each color is in the jars to help kids learn how to count their numbers. The colors are Yellow, Green, Red, Blue, and White. So, here's how to teach kids colors and numbers the fun and easy way! Marble Mazes are an easy-to-build recipe for making learning fun! Kids love to watch the colorful balls spin, roll, and fall down the maze and it helps teach kids fundamental concepts of simple physics. This video is a great educational tool to help keep kids entertained while teaching them at the same time!

Our next learning video in this educational compilation is:

"Teach Baby Numbers! Kids Learn How to Count to 10 with a Colorful MARBLE MAZE RUN!"

Let's teach kids how to count to 10 with colorful marbles on a marble maze run! We count marbles up to ten while putting them through the super fun colorful marble maze! Great fun for babies and kids, and a great way to learn how to count to 10! And while we're at it, let's see what FIFTY marbles in a marble maze at the same time looks like!

And our final video in this learning compilation is:
"Learn Colors w/ Awesome Marbles & Colorful Candy Gumballs on a GIANT Marble Maze Run!"
Learn Colors with Colorful Candy Gumballs & Awesome Marbles on a GIANT Marble Maze Run! We've got a huge marble maze run for awesome marbles and colorful candy gumballs to run through while teaching kids and babies their colors! Marble Maze runs are a wonderfully engaging toy for children of all ages and can be incredibly useful in teaching and helping kids learn concepts such as colors, counting, and simple physics. Not to mention all of the fun these marble mazes are to play with and assemble! This one is our biggest marble maze yet and aims to help kids learn colors with bright and fun marbles and candy gumballs! And we finish it off with a giant RAINBOW of marbles on the marble maze run that you don't want to miss!

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