QANON 3/13/19 DOJ [LL] told FBI [JC]Not to prosecute HRC

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Shared March 14, 2019

Perr Lisa pages testimony, the DOJ told the FBI that they are the prosecutors and they will not be prosecuting Hillary Clinton for her email, obviously this was a result of the time when Attorney General Lynch met with former president Bill Clinton when they jusy happened to bump into each other at an airport in Arizona 😉 also we were shown that the authorization came from the top, President Barack Obama, and more talk about the Epstein case and whether the records will be unsealed and who that will implicate, thanks for watching.

Brianna Eaves

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Strzok transcript release today!!! It’s happening brother!

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Richard Namin

Mr Trump I pray every day that you keep pushing! God and people are on your side! The American people are behind you! Keep pushing and unite this country! Hollywood and the deep state are ripe for the picking! We the people are behind you! Keep pushing Mr Trump

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Vicky Mizell

“How’s it going World Patriots?” “Peace ☮️”! I Love it!! #WWG1WGA 🇺🇸

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x Anonymous

" ThanQ for your good service " !! Greetings from Germany !

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Mike Cirillo

F the haters Space. You just keep on informing us with the truth.

2 months ago | [YT] | 31

Jonny Macenroe

Thank you SpaceShot!

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I'm on the Q boards in live time and still come to listen to you after... Thanks for all the hard work man. We really do appreciate it.

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The citizenship question is bigger than the vote. It's about redistricting.

2 months ago | [YT] | 22

Eli Broome

PANIC Patriots Are Now In Control

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Tracy Clark

I HATE book burners. WWG1WGA! 🇺🇸

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Big Bird

So we elect and pay them...and they don’t represent us...they sell us and our Country out? I say Hang em All! WWG1WGA NAVY Wings of Gold BB

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Mike, you forgot to post your second channel.

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Jeff Cat

if justice prevails America is alive and well. if Justice fails America is doomed to hell

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Jeanette Silvis

Here's the rub...if I own a Restaurant and I tell my patrons that I don't like their hat or their hair or their skin color. ...and I kick them out...I get sued for discrimination. How is social media exempt from discrimination? Particularly with free speech protected Constitutionally?

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Keith Holloman

They weren't hacked. THEY WERE BOUGHT!!!!!!

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Don McBride

Small note: THANKS BROTHER for all you do, I liked both intros, so I didn't vote, but I do love the long one (won out looks like), graphics, clips, great! - I like Air Force One as it does a 'fly over' +++. Keep on, keeping on...... got to watch that occasional cough! LOL. Take Care...... ' No truth shall remain hid, All shall be revealed!' WWG1WGA

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Ron Watkins

Corrected: “He who laughs last, laughs loudest.” Keep the good work. 👍🏼

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john skelley

I think you'll find that it is Jeffery Epstein on every flight manifest!. His E's look like G's but look at Shelley lewis and the E looks like a G. Shelly Lewis is a photographer in British Columbia (don't know if this is the same person) perhaps they would need a photographer?

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Michael Whittle

The Plan moves forward Methodically : Unicorn >>> Barry Insane Obummer and John Podesta ?.. .. WWG1WGA....... m (UK)

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