How to Legally Not Pay Taxes by Tom Wheelwright

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Garrett Sutton

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Shared September 16, 2017

Tom Wheelwright, CPA and Rich Dad Advisor to Robert Kiyosaki, discusses how it's possible to legally not pay taxes and still be very wealthy. He discusses how to take advantage of the tax laws in order to keep more of your money where it belongs - in your pocket! Learn more here:

Tom Wheelwright covers the specifics of how to achieve tax savings every day of your life using a few simple real life ideas. Wouldn’t it be great to not only learn how to pay less tax but while you are at it, learn how to reduce your chances of an IRS or CRA audit? Most importantly, learn why the tax law is simply a series of stimulus packages for business owners and investors.

Get even more in-depth knowledge and insight on how to permanently reduce your taxes and build massive wealth by reading Tom’s best-selling book Tax-Free Wealth. Learn more here:

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